The Mans Maintainer

Wellbeing is the preserve of both men and women. The treatments listed have been specifically geared for men.

Brush and Polish - $20

A quick maintenance stop for the hands and feet

Sports Pedicure - $55

Your feet take the strain whether it’s a strenuous workout or working day to day. Treat your feet, feel refreshed and revitalised remember happy feet = happy you.

Executive Manicure - $30

No matter what you do, your hands are always on display. This treatment work on dry cuticles and reconditioning the nails, ensuring well groomed hands.

The Spruce-Up - $60

This reviver will cleanse, exfoliate, help to heal any blemishes caused by shaving and banish the effects of pollution.

Wind Down - $90

Need to relax and unwind, a deep cleansing and nourishing skin treatment using products best suited to your specific skin type. Incorporates a relaxing back and scalp massage.


  • Full leg - $70
  • Back - $42
  • Back and Shoulders - $45
  • Chest - $39
  • Chest and Stomach - $60
  • Stomach - $35
  • Arms - $40
  • Eyebrow - $22
  • Nostrils - $15