Hand and Foot Care

Nectar Deluxe Spa Pedicure - $65 (60mins)

Includes hydrating foot treatment

Sit back and relax as we soak off your Feet in a soothing foot spa, infused with rose petals and essential oils as we exfoliate and wrap with a hot towel to relax your tired muscles & then your toenails are clipping, filling & cuticles removed, followed with a relax massage in your legs & feet and finish with nail polish.

Express Pedicure - $45 (30mins)

Combine with gel colour - $75

Includes nails clipping, filling, cuticle removed, dry exfoliation, 5mins foot massage and finish with nail polish.

Foot Relieve - $40 (20mins)

A quick fix for tired Feet. Includes a foot soak and luxurious hot stone massage to relieve tension.

Ionic Foot Spa Treatment - $50 (30mins)

Includes foot massage

Is a safe and effective way to detoxify the body. It’s specifically for those suffering from cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, east infections, sleeping problems. The efficacy of this Detox has been proven by numerous people and there are essentially no side effects. Same colour changes, it’s simply due to chemical reactions or debris in water. Ionic system helps the body reach an alkaline level. When the water begins changing colour, you will know it’s working. Leave your body balanced and revitalized.

Foot Reflexology -$50 (30mins)

An a alternative therapy that involves putting pressure on a specific part of the foot.It is not the same as a regular foot massage. Advocates of reflexology believe that putting pressure on the foot can heal unrelated problems elsewhere in the body.

Nectar Deluxe Spa Manicure - $50 (60mins)

Includes hyrdating hand treatment

A complete pampering Treat for your hands and arms. Scrub, wrap to exfoliate the skin & nails are clipping, filling and cuticles removed, followed with a relaxing hands & arms massage, then the nails are buffed to a healthy shine and choice of nail polish.

Express Manicure - $39 (30mins)

Combine with gel colour - $58
EXTRAS: File, buff and polish - $25 
Paint only - $15
Add French Polish - $10

Includes nails clipping, filling, cuticle removed, exfoliation, 5mins foot massage and finish with nail polish.

Paraffin Wax Treatment - $35 (Hands & Feet 30mins) - $20 (Hands or Feet 15mins)

Your hands and/or feet are immersed in hot paraffin leaving the paraffin to cool and harden do its job of intensive Hydration and smoothing skin.