Hydrotherapy Body Capsule Treatment


Hydrotherapy is a classic method of employing water to promote wellness and healing. It is a practice that dates back as far as ancient Greece. Hydrotherapy is enjoying resurgence as more people become interested in wellness and natural methods of healing as an alternative or adjunct to medications and intrusive medical procedures.

Hydrotherapy treatments relax the body, improve strength, strengthen the immune system, equalise circulation, increase metabolism, improve digestion & elimination and enhance the penetration of additives in the shower.

Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap - $140 (75mins)

For dry & dehydrated skin, assisting replenish dull skin. Thermal body capsule & vichy/rain shower

Wrap yourself in the most amazing chocolate truffle this side of a chocolate fondue. A high in antioxidants treatment using the finest Hungarian organic cocoa, rich in oils that will hydrate with active ingredients. Your skin will be cocooned from head to toe. A rejuvenating and relaxed petite facial will take you to a complete bliss. You will love the experience.

Detox Mud Body Wrap - $140 (75mins)

Ideal for muscle sore, circulation, sluggish skin & detoxifying. Thermal body capsule & vichy/rain shower

Especially suited to those who are muscle sore & fatigued, this thermal mud body treatment will deeply cleanse, detoxify & balance the skin. Starting with an invigorating sea salt scrub followed by wrap with the world famous Hungarian thermal mud. This Mineral mud mix includes sage, parsley, paprika & ivy are benefits all skin types by imparting a powerful natural detoxification, eliminating toxins & increasing circulation, and then enjoy a petite facial for a complete fresh glowing skin.

Red Grape Contour Body Wrap - $140 (70mins)

This treatment is for cellulite, firming & contouring. Thermal body capsule & vichy/rain shower

Tone & tighten with a nutritious organic scrub & red grape wrap is rich in Non-gmo soy & skin firming ingredients including vitamin E, guava leaf extract & black tea. Circulation is simulated to refine & strengthen skin structure. A rejuvenating and antioxidant petite facial with properties of guava leaf ensures a youthful glow and complete soul revival.